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July 26, 2017
Creating The Curve
“What makes you different, makes you beautiful”
So here goes my first post on the new Jual Furnishings blog! Best start with telling you a bit about what we do. Here at Jual we are passionate about creating unique pieces of furniture that our customers love! That is essentially it, design, produce and deliver superbly made, unique furniture nationwide as quickly and efficiently as possible!
During this post I have decided to give you a little insight into the work that goes into producing our signature Curve products like the photo below:
The finished article looks beautiful, elegant, sleek and generally easy to produce. Of course things are very seldom that easy. Take a look at the structure and wood bending process in more detail below.

Firstly lets make one thing clear – wood is one of if not the strongest natural material on the planet so bending it is anything but easy! Now before you can start bending the wood you need to get your materials in order.

First we start with thin layers of solid wood, sandwiched between sheets of MDF. Next you need to add the solid wood veneer on top of the MDF sheets. All of our veneers are hand chosen and stitched ensuring we select only the very best quality and the MDF is used to make sure the veneer is attached to a silky smooth surface.

Once that is done its off to the hot press! There are a couple of different types of press but they all pretty much work the same way. We take the assembled materials above and add them to the press which is then heated up and moulds the materials into the desired shape. Each shape/style requires to be bent at a different temperature and some require more time under the press than others.

Now the bending is done its on to the cutting/sanding/drilling/more sanding/painting and then last but certainly not least the quality inspections.

Photographed above is the latest curve design hot off the press (see what I did there.) In terms of its design it is probably my favourite of all our ranges and judging by sales so far its pretty popular in general.

Head over to our website or get in touch to find your local stockist or simply search Jual online and I am sure you will find us.

by Alex Krizan
Sales Manager @ Jual

“Create your own style, let it be unique to you and yet identifiable to others”

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