Introducing the Collections – BS200 Collection
July 26, 2017
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September 29, 2017

Jual Furnishings – Introducing the Collections
“Passionately Designed, For Your Home”

Me again! Last week I introduced you to the BS200 Collection. This week it is the turn of the Beautiful Bella Collection! The Bella Range consists of six pieces, a 1500mm and 1300mm TV stand a coffee table and lamp table. A tall storage cabinet and sideboard. 
Here are some images:
     (Left to Right: JF801 1500mm Bella TV Stand, JF805 Bella Tall Cabinet)

     (Left: JF802 1300mm Bella TV Stand, Rear: JF806 Bella Sideboard, Centre: JF803 Bella Coffee Table, Right: JF804            Bella Lamp Table)

Now if you have read my previous blogs you will notice that the Bella collection is a little different to the style of products we usually offer. Well that doesn’t stop at the way the range looks. The service offered really is second to none!

Firstly ALL Bella products are fully assembled. They are then delivered to a room of your choice by a professional two man team.

The Bella Collection is currently on offer both online and in store! To find a retailer please contact us using the number below and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction!

by Alex Krizan

Sales Manager @ Jual

01443 816982

“Create your own style, let it be unique to you and yet identifiable to others”

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