Jual Launch The Perfect Furniture To Match The Interior Trends For October 2017

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August 7, 2017
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October 4, 2017


Greys and Pinks Prove Popular This Autumn

“Jual Launch The Perfect Furniture To Match The Interior Trends For October 2017”

Well whatever summer we had, has been and gone. However if you are anything like me this doesn’t get you down, it is now time to put flip flops and sunglasses away and dig out your favourite jumper and boots you have been waiting months to wear, time to pack away the BBQ and get out the hot chocolate and home-made stew!

Autumn will soon be with us….
The change in season also means a change in, interior fashion and trends. It looks as though the copper home accessories have had their day, along with all white interiors. This autumn we are going to be looking to greys and pastel colours, especially pink to set the mood in our living areas for those cold autumn nights.


Grey has been a popular colour for a while now, partly down to its versatility, grey can create a warm or cool, a soothing or lively atmosphere and this autumn you can expect to see grey at the forefront of design magazines and interior design blogs. Pink is definitely on the rise when it comes to interior design, in fact Dulux and Graham and Brown have just named shades of pink their colours of the year for 2018..

Pink seems to be a very popular colour this autumn…



Now it is all well and good decorating your living area using this seasons colours but what about the furniture? Will this year’s colours match last year’s coffee table? (Or again if you’re anything like me the same coffee table you have had since you moved in). Here at Jual we have launched our best selling range in a pastel grey ash that will compliment these new autumn trends perfectly!

One thing for sure is that any of the Jual products will liven up your living space and add a sense of individuality and design. The warm wood finish will add to the cosy atmosphere we all love during the Autumn and dare I say it Winter nights. (Where has this year gone!!)

The new items are all available on our brand new website! I hope you will find the time to visit and we always value feedback so let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoyed the post and you feel inspired to redecorate this autumn. Until next time!

Click below to visit our brand new website

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