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January 24, 2018
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The home office is becoming a bigger and bigger part of modern life but is still often left as an afterthought in many people’s homes. So how do you create the perfect office environment to ensure you stay motivated and feel like the place is your own?


Your home is you, it’s your own style throughout your space. You want every aspect of your home to showcase who you are. This includes who you are in the workplace. No matter how you work you have to make sure your environment suits your needs and follows your homes stylistic flow.


Your office furniture should complement other rooms within your home so that the comfort and respite you feel from your space can be continued in your work area. If your home has traditional décor, then warm wood, soft comfy chairs and a bookcase used as a decorative feature are ideal to help tie in your office with the rest of your home.


Good lighting in your office is crucial. Make the most of the natural light illuminating the room, as this makes the room come to life and brings out the unique colour of the natural tones in the wood. With the addition of a little greenery, the environment will feel open and inviting.


Layout is an essential aspect of any office as you want to ensure you are avoiding anything that could lead to distraction or cause strain. Avoid plasma screen just within eyeshot, as they can be distracting. Also, make sure you have everything you need within reach. Creative storage options that grant you the ability to perform a task without breaking yourself away from the desk can help you construct a more productive environment.


Smart cable management is also a crucial aspect of the commercial office space and the home office doesn’t deviate from this key feature. Ensure trailing leads are tied properly and have room to stretch, there is nothing worse than losing work from a tight power cable coming undone. Access to power sockets and mobility are important features that if not thought through can limit your perfect office layout.



With the correct blend of style, considered placement and illumination you can ensure you are reaping the benefits. By creating an environment which has been tailored to your style you’ll see a sharp increase in productivity and a general feeling of peace, which can sometimes be difficult to find within the typical office space.


Creating the right blend of both practical and stylish for the home office can be a challenging venture. Most designers tend to create individual pieces that haven’t been designed with the needs of an office specifically in mind. At Jual, our ranges have the ability to blend together beautifully, as well as meet the practicalities that your office space needs.


Create the perfect office environment at Jual.


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